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About Me

My name is Kate Dale. I am a single parent in late-early-middle-youth and I am (primarily) responsible for researching and writing the content, co-ordinating contributions from others, and generally developing The Spring.

I've been interested in personal growth and development all my life. When I was a kid I was mildly obsessed with my mum's books about yoga and eastern religions - not so much that I ran off to live in an Ashram in India (it was my Dad who did that), but... interested. I even did a project on comparative religions for... (hm, was it RE? Must have been but I really can't remember. I liked the mandalas).

I've devoured hundreds of self-help, philosophy, psychology and counselling books, courses and healing methodologies over the years. Latterly, I've decided to read less and get stuck in a lot more - the fruits of which I will lay before you as offerings, as they happen. At the moment I'm pursuing interests in yoga, creating meaning and happiness, and conscious business - all relatively easy to pursue living, as I do, in the wonderful city of Brighton.

I have a background in counselling and have recently updated my skills to include EFT. I practice a little - and I love it - and at the time of writing I am pursuing an interest in NLP and Hypnosis. I may or may not decide to do a course in them at some time in the future, but at the moment it’s just for fun. I love writing for and developing The Spring, because it combines my keen interest in personal growth and development with my slightly nerdy, technologically curious side.

I'm also currently a part-time council officer, saving the world one risk assessment at a time... but that's not really contributing too much to my sense of purpose just now. Sorry BHCC, but it's true. I love you, but we've been together too long.

The Spring, on the other hand, energises and excites me, as do my explorations into the wider world of personal growth, which I shall be reporting on here as I go.

Living over the shop

The Spring is closely linked to Cortijo Romero.

Cortijo Romero is the leading personal development holiday centre in Europe, and is owned by three members of my family - my parents Alan and Anne, and my brother Ali.

Alan is head honcho on a day to day basis and he and I work together for the mutual benefit of both ventures.

Together with Anne, they have an enormous combined wealth of experience in the personal growth and development fields provide the benefit to The Spring.

So don’t be surprised to see their names pop up across these pages from time to time.

Guests at Cortijo Romero value their time there enormously.

It a beautiful oasis of peace, calm and nurturing (and also joy and fun - boy have I had some good times there) in Southern Spain. Each year hundreds of people come to refresh and renew themselves.

It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places it is have ever been to. The calm beauty of the surroundings is helped along by the fantastic staff, who are a right old mixture of Spanish, British and others nationalities. They are helpful, caring and professional, serious about their work, light-hearted about life.

And yes, I'd say all that even if it wasn't my family' s business :-).

Many of people who go to Cortijo Romero want, and seek out ongoing support, information and networks once they are back to their daily lives. There are also many people out there who have never heard of Cortijo Romero and for whatever reason may not make it to Spain for a holiday, but who would benefit from the huge breadth and depth of experience in the field of personal growth and development.

Note: if you would like to visit Cortijo Romero but are struggling financially, you may be interested in the bursary programme - contact Cortijo Romero directly to ask about it.

I run The Spring as a separate business to Cortijo Romero, but it is very much connected entity; my Dad and I often share an office and we bounce ideas off each other. I maintain his facebook page and bits and pieces on their website, he gives me the benefit of his huge range of interest and experience. The businesses work together rather like we do, as a family - separate entities, very much connected.

Through Cortijo Romero I have access to a large network of highly skilled, respected course leaders who come from all over the world, and who plough their furoughs in many ways, not just at Cortijo Romero. I hope that many of these leaders in their fields will be contributing their insights, experience and knowledge to this website.

Members of the family and staff and facilitators from Cortijo Romero have many links with centres such as Findhorn in Scotland and The Skyros Centre in Greece, and over time the hope is to be inviting other people from these centre to contribute The Spring as it grows, so that it can truly become a hub for those with a serious interest in personal growth and development - as well as in really enriching and enjoyable holidays.

What this site is not: if you google the term “personal development”, you will come across a growing number of sites that are little more than “get rich quick” schemes - for which you generally have to first get a bit poorer by paying for a course or e-book that tells you how.

If I/we knew how to get rich (whether quick or slow) - and if it mattered to us that much - we’d have done it by now. So that’s not us. Read more about how The Spring is funded here.

The other type of personal development site, with which this one does have something in common, are those focussing on personal growth and development in a work context. This is very personal to me, as I develop this website as a way of integrating my values, purpose and energy into one project, as highly meaningful work for myself. I hope it helps you to do the same.

Many people working in demanding, stressful or high pressure jobs go to Cortijo Romero to recharge their batteries, and often also to learn new skills, or to build on their existing ones.

To help with this the programme at Cortijo Romero offers an increasing number of courses that you *may* be able to count towards your “CPD” or Continuing Professional Development - at the same time as giving you a holiday in a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing environment! What could be better.

Anything else you need to know? Just ask.

In the meantime, read, explore and enjoy, and do let me know what you think of the site.

Very best wishes,

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