How The Spring
is Funded

It is important to us that this site is 100% free for you to use, and that you will find a wealth of information to support you with your personal growth and development without paying a penny for it.

Mostly this site runs on love – of the subjects, of personal growth itself, and belief in the capacity of all of us to improve our lives, our relationships and our circumstances.

But sadly in this instance, love is not enough. On top of the technical costs of running and maintaining a website, all the researching, writing and pulling together the content for a website needs time and dedication. This work is done by me, roughly a day a week at the moment, and for this the company pays me a modest wage.

At the moment that wage comes from Cortijo Romero's coffers but as those of you who know us are aware, Cortijo Romero is not a big money-spinning business, so in the medium-to-long term our aim is for the site to cover its own costs.

Some of those costs will be covered by more people deciding to come on a holiday with us. However, because we are a small centre and there are only so many weeks in the year, and we are usually pretty full anyway, there is a finite additional income we can make this way.

For this reason, we've decided to allow carefully chosen Google Ads on the site, and will also occasionally make a small commission from sales of books, DVDs, ebooks etc. which visitors to the site buy after visiting this site.

The way this works is that when you or another visitor to this site clicks on a link to a partner site from here, and then end up buying something at that other site, we might get a small percentage of their income from that sale.

These links are known as “affiliate links”.

However, it is very important to us is that the quality of the information we provide is never compromised by these ways of funding the site. Therefore, we promise that we will never recommend or feature anything on this site that we are not convinced is of the highest quality in terms of its relevance and usefulness to our readers.

Moreover, we will always identify an “affiliate link” so that you are aware of the connection.

We may even develop a virtual shop as the site grows and is able to support more development time.

But that is for later - for now, our priority is to provide you with the sort of good quality personal growth information that we know people want and need.

If you have any further questions about the site - or indeed if you would like to contribute some content to it - please contact us.

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