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  • Are you looking for help with your personal growth and development?
  • Stressed?
  • Seeking a little more joy and fun?
  • Struggling with life changes?
  • Wondering what it’s all about?
  • Wanting to connect with yourself and others?
  • Stuck at a crossroads in life (struggling to get your map the right way up without tearing it in a high wind, maybe)?

You and me both...!

Luckily for both of us, here at The Spring I am delighted - and not a little humbled - to have access to some truly wonderful people from the world of personal growth and development. These are some of the worlds' best facilitators and group leaders working in the field today, and as I build the site I'll be asking each of them for their thoughts, views and wisdom so that I can share it with you.

This is through my family connection with Cortijo Romero, one of the foremost centres for personal growth holidays in Europe. I am in the very lucky position of being able to call on these wonderful people for expert advice, information and knowledge, to help The Spring grow into your go-to resource for everything personal-growth-and-development-related.

My aim is to help you to maximise your well-being, in ways that are in harmony with your path in life. I aim to do this with respect for your uniqueness, and with encouragement to increase your connections - with others, with your community (whatever that may mean to you), and with yourself.

To do this I'm going to bring you the best information on personal growth and development, not just from interviews with experts, but also from my own personal experience. Because I prefer to write what I know, as far as I can I'm going to do this by trying things out for you, and hopefully sometimes with you.

(You're welcome, just trying to be helpful. When I need a rest I may well be asking you to tell us about your experiences instead/as well!)

Check out the subjects to the left - I have information about stress and how to manage it, and am planning sections on relationships, work and career, spirit and purpose, and many more. Do let me know what you are interested in and I'll get to work on the most requested topics.

We are all coping with the challenges of the tough economic times we are living in. I expect that you, like me, want affordable ways of sustaining your personal growth and development despite – or perhaps even because of – those challenges. Far from being an indulgence, our own personal growth and development is more vital than ever when we're struggling with our world, whether internally or externally - or more likely, both.

And, even though none of us can wave a magic wand and change the world around us just like that, we can change it incrementally, by, to paraphrase Ghandi, being the change we want to see in the world.

Likewise, although we can't directly change other people, we can all change our responses to others. How we engage with people, things, systems, your environment in general... and over time, the world around us, and the people we encounter, begin to change in response.

I know that when I act from the inside (i.e. starting with myself) toward the outside (i.e. everyone and everything else) I expand my circle of influence and become an active change agent in my own life, and quite often this effect ripples out to affect others' lives, too.

All of this becomes easier as you become more at ease with yourself. When you are grounded in your authentic self, making or influencing changes in your environment becomes easier and more natural. When you prioritise and nurture your personal growth and development you are changing the world, one person at a time. Your own growth affects the people around you in a ripple effect. When you take care of yourself you create good in the world (and this is important to me; it is in line with my life's purpose).

All growth and development needs support, nourishment and nurture, and a mere website is no substitute for living breathing people in your life who care about you and support you - and I'll be adding information about how to build more of this in your life, for when you need it. I'm going to need your help with this, and I'll be asking you to let me know about groups, classes, practitioners, and other opportunities for connection in your neck of the woods. I want this site to become a hub of connection for heart-centred people everywhere.

Growing doesn’t have to involve suffering – despite anything you may have been told or come to believe. In fact it can be positively delightful.

So, although the information and content on this site is properly researched and evidenced, forgive me if I crack the odd joke here and there. After all, we don't want to take ourselves *too* seriously.

But sometimes growing is hard, or it hurts, and when that happens I hope you’ll find something here to help with that, too.

I want this site to be yours as well as mine and am keen to know what you want from it, so please please do contact me using the form below. Tell me your ideas, requests, offers of articles, as well as your hopes, your dreams and your goals...

Come, walk with me a while.

Heartfelt best wishes,

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